Terms & Conditions

ScratchLink (T/A Steminabox) provides a range of educational training services, projects and educational kits and you the contractor holds Steminabox and related parties harmless from any action, claims, liability or loss in respect of the performance of these services.

Before using any of our products, it is your responsibility to firstly ensure appropriate electrical testing and tagging according to your local safety laws or institutional requirements and secondly to ensure that you conduct your own risk assessment and implement appropriate risk management strategies for any of our products or suggested learning activities.


Over-charging, over-discharging, mishandling and misuse of Lithium Polymer (LiPo) battery packs can result in a fire. Never leave your LiPo battery pack charging unattended. By charging and using our LiPo battery packs, you assume all risks associated with LiPo batteries.

If you do not agree to any of the above terms, please return the product in a new, unused condition immediately.  Acceptance of these terms is confirmed by the purchase of our goods.