Refund & Warranty Policy

We provide a 1 year repair or replacement warranty for all our products, at our discretion. This warranty includes faults and defects attributed to manufucture/software design but excludes anything caused by the user. This warranty only covers intended use (i.e. indoor educational setting on a flat surface) and specifally excludes outdoor environments, moisture, or excessive mechanical shock such as being dropped from a height.

This warranty specifically excludes:

  • any user caused damage other than intended use
  • incorrect battery installation
  • incorrect battery charging
  • excessive discarging of batteries
  • leaving batteries in a low charge state
  • excessive force used on components such as USB ports
  • excessive load or force
  • dropping from a height
  • exposure to moisture
  • exposure to heat eg. leaving on hot bitument in direct sunlight (don’t use our hardware if ambient temperature is above 40 degrees celcius.