ScratchLink: educational robotics & coding for Primary and Up. Cross platform live browser WIFI Block Coding(Scratch3) and JavaScript for our robotic hardware with built in GamePad functionality. Use PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone or Android so no apps to install and works offline. No code compilation or download cables. Coding robot simulator and curriculum modules/tutorials.  Codes your existing Lego EV3, WeDo, microbit etc. USB  WIFI  modem  available for desktops without WIFI. Hardware based on dual core esp32 wifi microcontroller.

ScratchLink has been developed by a Queensland STEM classroom teacher, over the last decade, through teaching STEM robotics and Digital Technologies. Always looking for ways to improve the experience for both teachers and students through custom hardware and software. Helping educators and beginner students with classroom coding and robotics has long been a focus.

Scratchlink hardware is designed and manufactured in Queensland, Australia (ABN40294591583) (except for the PCB and electronic components). ScratchLink software is Australian made by our small team of developers.