Servo Sensor Crane Arm


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ScratchLink is a range of robust WIFI educational robotic hardware for Primary and Up.  Browser based coding system , based on Scratch3 & JavaScript offering both visual BlockCoder and JavaScript. Compatible with all devices (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone) so no software or updates to install. Direct live code execution from your browser via WiFi or USB serial (works offline). Companion curriculum modules and tutorials.   USB  WIFI  modem  available for desktops without WIFI. Hardware based on dual core esp32 wifi microcontroller.

Standard Hardware:
  • Nema17 high torque stepper motors (2Amp) with all metal gearbox
  • Tough aluminium Claw with heavy duty high torque all metal servo motor (>20Kg/cm torque)
  • Sensors: 2 x IR proximity sensors,  2 x ultrasonic range finders, RFID
  • Battery: 12 x 18650 Lithium Ion, approx 30,000mAHrs
  • On-board 4Amp USB C charger
  • Optional 12V 10A plug pack (AC) (sold seperately)
  • 16 x 16 LED Dot Matrix display
  • Neopixel LED rings – full colour individually programmable
  • Dual core esp32 wifi microcontroller
  • Mass (with crane and batteries): 4.75Kg

Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a contactless ID system using “cards” or “tags” (4 included) that can be programmed with your desired names.   The RFID is standard and sits immediately behind the claw/gripper.

Crane Options:

Note: “DOF” is degrees of freedom i.e. “number of joints”

  • 5DOF: All aluminium crane arm using 5 x high torque digital servos  aluminium pivoting gripper/claw (max 150mm object)
  • 7DOF: All aluminium crane arm using 7 x high torque digital servos  aluminium pivoting gripper/claw (max 150mm object)
Camera Option:

High quality camera with 5.8G radio transmitter that uses RC radio frequency bands (40 channels) so doesn’t interfere with either 2.4G/5.8G wifi networks.  This is not a cheap wifi camera that works on the wifi network that will quickly cause isses in an educational setting.  Camera streams directly to PC or Android device using the separately purchased USB 5.8G Camera receiver or the 5.8G monitor/receiver.

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