The crane is defined by referencing the servos that make up each joint,
ie base-rotate|shoulder|elbow|elbow-rotate|wrist-rotate|wrist|claw

Config Commands

crane config enable [(on)|off];
crane config set base-rotate|shoulder|elbow|elbow-rotate|wrist-rotate|wrist|claw [SERVO_NUMBER]; // no servo number, or -1 will delete it.
eg. crane config set elbow 2; // sets servo2 with elbow
crane config [(info)]; // prints config


crane [on|(off)]; // will turn the servos on or off. No need to turn them on manually. Auto off is currently set at 30 seconds after the last

crane [(percent)] base-rotate|shoulder|elbow|elbow-rotate|wrist-rotate|wrist|claw| VALUE; //sets the required joint to the percent ‘value’. value must be >=0 and <=100 eg. “crane wrist 50;” which is the same as “crane percent wrist 50;”

crane value .. value ; optional parameters to set crane servos at the same time. Is in this order base-rotate|shoulder|elbow|elbow-rotate|wrist-rotate|wrist|claw
A joint that has not be defined still has to be given a value (but will be ignored) ie

crane 75 0 25; // will set base-rotate=75, shoulder=0, elbow=25 – and if shoulder (say) is not defined it will be ignored.