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WiiExp4Scratch is an educational programmable game controller and experiment station used with ScratchLink Block Coding Editor designed for Primary & UP. Runs on all USB or WIFI enabled devices (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone) so no software or updates to install. Direct live code execution from your browser via WiFi or USB serial (works offline) with optional onboard JavaScript execution. Companion curriculum modules and tutorials.  Code your existing Lego EV3, WeDo, microbit, makeymakey etc with the same ScratchLink Block Coding Editor.

  • Onboard rechargeable replaceable Lithium-Ion Batteries (18650)
  • USB Serial or WIFI connection
  • 2 x 16 Pixel LED Rings individually programmable
  • Wii NunChuk and Classic Controller
  • 2 x Ultrasonic Range Finders
  • 16×16 LED Dot Matrix Display


Plug ‘n’ Play Experiment Peripherals: