Robot Controller Board


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Build your own custom mobile or non-mobile robotic device incorporating all of our eBot’s peripherals and sensors plus 8 extra input/out controller pins for custom sensors and peripherals.  Additonally control 5 servos for cranes etc each with it’s own regulated power supply for smooth stable servo control.

Browser based coding system, based on Scratch3 & JavaScript offering both visual block and script coding. Compatible with all devices (PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone) so no software or updates to install. Direct live code execution from your browser via WiFi or USB serial (works offline) with optional onboard JavaScript execution. Companion curriculum modules and tutorials.  Code your existing Lego EV3, WeDo, microbit, makeymakey etc with the same ScratchLink Block Coding Editor

Robot Controller / Experimenter features:

  • onboard Voltage/current sensor
  • onboard USB 2Amp lithium ion battery charger
  • ESP32 dual core wifi microcontroller
  • Arduino Nano (ATMEL 328P) motor controller with 2 x TB6612FNG motor drivers
  • Wii Port
  • 2 x i2c Ports
  • 4 x DC brushed motors (2 Amp Max per motor)
  • 16×16 Dot Matrix Display
  • 2 x general purpose ADC inputs (Analog to digital converter)
  • 3 x general purpose digital inputs
  • 1 x general purpose  digital output (PWM)
  • 2x LED NeoPixel outputs
  • 1 x colour sensor
  • 2 x digital IR line sensors inputs
  • 2 x Ultrasonic rangefinder sensor inputs
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) input
  • 2 x close proximity IR sensors