Wifi config commands

The maximum SSID is 32 bytes and the maximum password is 64 bytes and IP4 only. Reboot required for wifi config commands to take effect.

Please note that four communication types will work concurrently i.e. USB Serial, WebSockets, BSDsockets and HTML ports are able to be opened at the same time (if configured properly). All buffering and queuing is handled automatically by ScratchLink firmware.

Wifi on/off

Purpose: turn the wifi on/off and configure as either Access Point or Station mode. Wifi is automatically turned off if Bluetooth is enabled as they both cannot run at the same time. Conversely, BT is automatically turned off if you enable Wifi. You must reboot after turning BT/Wifi on.

Command Syntax:

wifi config enable on|off AP|station;

Access Point

Purpose: config ScratchLink as Access Point.

Default SSID = current device name (max 32 bytes), Default password=ebot(max 64 bytes), default ip= only)

Command Syntax:

wifi config AP ['SSID'] ['Password'] [ip];

Station Mode

Purpose: config ScratchLink in Station Mode.

Default SSID = none, Default password=none, uses dhcp for ip address.

wifi config station ['SSID'] ['Password'];


Purpose: config WebSockets.

Default is ON, Port=8080

Command Syntax:

wifi config webskt [on|off] [port];

BSD Sockets

Purpose: configure BSD Sockets.

Default is “ON”, port=8081

Command Syntax:

wifi config bsdskt [on|off] [port];


Purpose: config HTML.

Default is “ON”, port=80

Command Syntax:

wifi config html [on|off] [port];