Command Syntax:


Purpose:  Reports the value of analog device (sensor) i.e. “analog read”

Default:  No argument default is all analog devices.

Example 1:  Report the analog reading on analog device 1.


Reports:  {Analog:549}

Example 2:  Report the analog reading on all analog devices.


Reports:  {Analog:549,1024,0} i.e. there are 3 x analog devices.

analog config info

Command Syntax:

analog config info;

Purpose:  Reports the configuration information for all analog devices

Example Report:


analog config pin

Command Syntax:

analogDevice config set pinValue;

Purpose:  Sets the specified analog device to specified esp32 GPIO pin.

Example:  Set analog device 2 to esp32 GPIO pin 36.

analog2 config set 36;

analog config default

Command Syntax:

analog config default;

Purpose:  set all analog devices to defaults.

analog config remove

Command Syntax:

analog config remove;

Purpose:  Remove all analog inputs.

analog config enable

Command Syntax:

analog[Device] config enable;

Purpose:  Enables analog reading from device specified.

Example:  Enable analog device 1.

analog1 config enable;