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Firstly a brief explaination of the difference between Scratch3 and our ScratchLink Block Editor.

Scratch3 is the original “drag and drop” block editor from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab.

Our ScratchLink Block Editor is based on Scratch3 with many extra features integrated like gamepads and both physical/simulated robotics. The ScratchLink Block Editor can open and edit your existing Scratch3 projects, however, Scratch3 cannot open our ScratchLink Block Editor projects. All of the Scratch3 tutorials apply to our ScratchLink Block Editor because it is based on Scratch3.

You don’t need to buy any gamepads/robotics to get started with our ScratchLink Block Editor or make an account. and Do I need to buy Scratch-Link to get started?  You can start with Scratch only units that do not require any extra hardware and move into physical computing and robotics later.

Scratch3 (MIT)

Scratch3 is the current version of the highly acclaimed educational visual programming language (VPL) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Lab. It is designed as an easy and fun introduction to programming for kids 6-16 years of age.  Watch the Sractch Overview video below.

ScratchLink Block Editor

Our ScratchLink Block Editor is browser based but is designed to also work offline as an app but you don’t have to install anything. Just open your browser and go back to (best to bookmark it) and it will work offline (i.e. without the internet). The Scratch3 online editor from MIT will not work offline.

The ScratchLink Block Editor is designed to work on all devices that can connect to the internet (atleast once initially) i.e. mobile phones, ipads or regulator computers etc. It is also compatible across platforms so it will work on Android, IOS, Windows, MAC or Linux etc.

Scratch3 Online Help Resources

The MIT Scratch Team have provided some printable pdf resources being the Getting Started Guide and a series of Scratch Cards, plus the following introduction to Scratch Video.

ScratchEd is an online community for Scratch Educators. Scratch Wiki contains a Scratch Reference Manual and other useful resources.  The main Scratch site also has a discussion forum.  However these are probably not necessary for educators to start delivering introductory Scratch Coding but are quite useful for complex or unusual projects.

It can be useful to get some ideas from other online Scratch users by exploring online projects or utilising Scratch Studio which s a collection of tutorials contributed by users.  Please take note that while other user’s online user projects and tutorials can sometimes be useful they are sometimes of limited usefulness and quality for classroom use.

Online Starter Projects

The Scratch website has lots of Starter Projects to work your way through.

Online Scratch Tutorials

The MIT Scratch Team have created a series of  useful Video Tutorials:

The Scratch Team have also produced a series of Video tutorials concerning creating backdrops and sprites using the Paint Editor

Class Tips for Scratch